Sense8 Season 2: The Sensational Series Expands Its Universe

The hit series on the Netflix platform from the Wachowski siblings makes a return on May 6th and I have binged my way through the weekend to what was the ride of my life this year.

Last year, we were treated with numerous visual orgies both aesthetically and literally. This season, however, dialed down those sizzling scenes but delivers in answers to much of what was left out in Season 1. As such, it is only responsible for me to caution you at this segment that as you read further down, there will be spoilers.

So, now that you have decided to take a glimpse into the spoiler abyss, Season 2 of Sense8 brings back the magic of its earlier season with the various locales from the 8 individuals, but with new and more challenging sociological landscapes.

The biggest reveal from this new season, however, is the view into the world of sensates. The original 8 are not alone as they find out that there are thousands among them in the world, and they are more organized when it comes to evading their titular villain corporation the BPO (Biological Preservation Organisation).


Now, we take a look at how some of the characters progressed throughout the season:

  1. Will goes through a harsh period as he perseveres in what seems like a mental battle with Whispers
  2. Riley Blue continues to support Will, as both partner and his moral pillar, while also becoming a key figure in reaching out to new sensates
  3. Sun Bak brings more ass kicking back this season while adding on to some comedic scenarios
  4. Wolfgang lives on in berlin, but finds himself in dangerous waters after meeting a sensate named Lila, he also expands on his infatuation with Kala
  5. Kala’s marriage seems to be on shaky ground with her unresolved feelings for Wolfgang as well as improving on her ability to become the medic of the cluster.
  6. Capheus becomes a rising star in his homeland, as he becomes more respected and offered a platform to create change in Kenya.
  7. Nomi Marks has a significant role to play this season as she provides the cluster with high stakes intelligence as well as becoming the all access type of girl.
  8. Lito, reeling from his earlier downfall as a movie star makes a comeback this season, but mostly he is there for comedy value.

All in all, Season 2 did not fall short and the climax at the end only serves that the next season is when the pace is picked up again. Make no mistake, this series is sensational.


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