Starcraft Gets The Remastered Treatment

For those of you old dogs who has mastered the “Art of 350 APM”, your time to shine has come once again thanks to Blizzard’s latest announcement on a remastered Starcraft game bringing back all the things you love about the original game franchise, but this time all shiny and chrome.

So let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • Remastered 4K HD Support: Old buildings gets new paint, shiny fangs galore
  • New stylistic features such as the ability to zoom out or zoom in to give you a greater sense of the upgraded aesthetics, campaign now gets a comic book makeover which gives players a fresh perspective on an old tale, and audio has been further enhanced with the original soundtrack and dialogues rejuvenated and revised.
  • The famous three races returns with the Psionic Protoss, Earthy Terrans and the Tyranid inspired Zergs
  • Additionally, the game will now be available with LAN and Internet matchmaking modes, keeping up with today’s connectivity standards while reminiscing the old.

The nostalgic game will be released this summer with no news of a specific date yet, but it has been stated the remastered version will be bundled with the free original Broodwar game(which is practically free to find online anyways).

Source: Blizzard



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