Go,Go Millenial Rangers (A Hopefully Spoiler Free Review)

The wait is over for ye olde Power Ranger fans as the rebooted movie makes its appearance on the silver screen. Starring a whole new cast of Power Rangers and the return of a fan favourite. But before we delve in to that, lets take a look at the basics.

This rebooted version of the Rangers is directed by Dean Israelite , with a budget of $105 million, meaning its CGI-Fiesta folks. Ye olde fans will be happy however that the producer is none other then Haim Saban , the man famous for adapting the Super Sentai series into the westernized Power Rangers iteration.(yes, for those of you who did not know, Japan was the first ranger).

Guess who is the Black Ranger. Hint: It’s not the black guy

Moving on to the movie, the premise is the same as before,but to make it easier I can lay out the sequential premise

  • Alien threats looms in a small town called Angel Grove.
  • Troubled millennial teenagers find small issues worth exaggerating thus putting them in detention together only to become partners in a later crime.
  • Teens find cool coloured coins which lets them become part Twilight, Part Covenant (heavily dependent on which of those two movies I mentioned you had previously watched).
  • Teen finds cool ship with cool franchise selling toys.
  • Training montage.
  • Big fight with big monster
  • Dance Session (Oh you will cringe, I assure you)

So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, whats fun about the Power Rangers reboot? Well for starters, they brought back everything we love about the old rangers. The theme song makes its appearance with the classic Zord lineup. The troubled teen angst between Pink and Red ranger is a tale as old as time. Black ranger is no longer black. Oh, and also the supposed lesbian moment did not make an appearance, even with the forced hints and last but not least is the classic Super Sentai mob fights minus the plastic monsters.

A villain who searches for Krispy Kreme, Powers: Blatant Product Placement

However, this reboot has also brought back some of the old faults back to light from the original series which were the cheesy dialogues(Oh, the cheese is real here my friends), Overusage of slow motion or stop motion, a villain with no real villainy, and a boss fight which is perfect as a Hasbro advertisement.

Conclusion? The movie is a definite watch for those who grew up with the TV series, but for those who enters trying to catch a glimpse at something new, my advise is to treat the film like an archived national film, best kept hidden until displayed.


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