Nintendo Switch: What We Know

Nintendo has always been pioneering a different perspective when engaging in the tripartite console wars, with Sony and Microsoft. When Sony and Microsoft battles over gaming fidelity, and performance, Nintendo aims on adaptability and general consumption. When the battle shifts to quality pricing, Nintendo moves towards quantity. It’s almost as if Nintendo is trying its best to establish its brand away from the mainstream audience, yet still try to stay relevant to the market.

But with the new Nintendo Switch looming in on the new year, the gaming community are predictably buzzed with excitement tinged with a layer of doubt. These doubts are not misplaced after a year where we have seen many AAA games promise to deliver yet come up shorthanded (No Man’s Sky deserves the honorable mention here). Thus, let’s try to flesh out the details for the latest err….console,tablet thingy that Nintendo has devised.


Screen: 6.2-inch 720p Multi-Touchscreen

Graphics: Unspecified NVIDIA chip

RAM: 4GB (rumored)

Storage: Up to 128GB via MicroSDXC

Controller: Split D-Pad

Connectivity: USB Type-C, Charging Docket w/cooling fan

Additional Notes: Games sold in cartridges not Blu Ray discs

One of the main allure from the Nintendo switch is its 2 modes of usage which are the Docking Mode, And Portable mode, allowing players to switch from a home console to a portable console, using the same device, via the detachable controllers.

For a better look at how the device perform’s, check out the latest video on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Nintendo seems to be delivering on its promise for seamless transitions between the 2 modes, but as for supported games, thus far I am not sold yet as it has yet to deliver any games besides Skyrim, which I would be interested in.


For more info on Nintendo’s latest device, check it out here





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